Yesterday I finished this beast of a challenge.




That's my time.


I left Kain Island in Quatsino Sound on May 31st and arrived back at the exact same spot yesterday after having paddled around ALL OF VANCOUVER ISLAND.


No one has ever done it faster. I beat the record by 2 and a half days.


I am EXTREMELY proud of my accomplishment. This was definitely the most challenging thing I have ever done.


Thank you to everyone who sent their positive vibes my way, their encouraging comments, and full spirited congratulations. It was really cool to get home late last night and see all the support.


In the next couple days I will have a few photos and a full write-up to share here.


As for now, my hands are puffy, my mind is blank, and I am ready to veg out.



With a last minute change of plans I have headed off in my beat up old Ford Ranger for the Northern tip of the island to match the weather conditions. 


I will be launching tomorrow morning (May 31st) from Winter Harbour and charge down the West coast with these strong NW winds. Its gonna be a bump ride but hopefully a speedy one. 


Yehaww. Here we go. 

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